Spider circus

SPIDER CIRCUS is an open-air unique and wacky circus, whose artists are spiders. Consisting of many bright spiders, a circus tent and a dolby surround sound system.. This 360° night installation is both a monumental light sculpture and a live performance.

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Designed according to the principle of the division of movement (chronophotography) and kinetics, these characters are arranged in precise position in space to recreate stories during programmed lighting sequences. The spiders interact above the audience on their spiderweb, which at the same time represents the circus tent. They perform a series of acrobatic presentations with amazing agility and impressive skills. They become acrobats, dancers, wild animals, clowns and magicians under the direction of the master of ceremonies “Monsieur Loyal”. The circus orchestra turns the scenario into a great place to party.

Meet Groupe LAPS’ spiders and experience real arachno-therapy since their entertaining show will cure all your irrational fears like magic!

Let the circus begin!