MID Studio & Xevi Bayona based in Catalonia are an artistic collective working with interaction design, technology and architecture. They are specialized in engineering, interactive design and new media.

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MID is an interaction design and electronic art studio directed by the artist Alex Posada - a digital creator, lecturer and researcher in the field of new media. The second part of the team, Xevi Bayona, works as an architect and artist while constantly researching new ways of transforming space through his creations. He is also the artistic director of Lluernia Light Festival. His creations have won various awards. The distinctive backgrounds of both artist is what gives their artwork their very special and unique signature.

Copia de @MID_Lake.2 (1).jpeg

The lake of light

The Lake of light is a light and sound performance created for a water stage. Through the use of art lighting technologies and the most advanced software, the aim of this installation is to transform the water frame into an emotional beautiful landscape full of poetry, that will go through different states.



Sfera is a light and sound-reactive installation shaped like a hemisphere that is reflected by a matrix of mirrors. It was made from over 300 vintage LED bulbs and controlled in real time by custom generative software that triggers patterns of light and sound in perfect sync.

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Once more MID and Playmodes joined forces to create “Suspes” (Suspended), an architectural transforming installation for the street lighting festival LlumBCN 2015 in Barcelona.