For MASS, Pierre Pontvianne has composed an implacable system. Between performative tension and virtuosity, the body invests all its energy into blowing up different paradoxes. How to situate oneself in the inextricable nature of movement? How to bring homogeneity to a system constituted through the heterogeneity of different individuals?  

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According to Pierre Pontvianne, creating only makes sense when approached as a process, in reaction to reality. Even if he tends towards abstraction his choreographic work is never dissociated from the world in which he lives. The choreographer places dance at the core of the subject matter he interrogates in order to extract substance and momentum. MASS is an ensemble that gets constantly and surreptitiously displaced by the performers. They turn it around and up side down and even dislocate it. The bodies never cease to act, ensnaring us in a dance that calls to mind the first stirrings of rebellion.


  • Choreography: Pierre Pontvianne
  • Interpretation: Jazz Barbé, Laura Frigato, Florence Girardon, Mathieu Heyraud, Catherine Jodoin, David Mambouch, Marie-Lise Naud
  • Sound: Pierre Pontvianne
  • Original text: David Mambouch
  • Light design: Valérie Colas
  • Scenography: Pierre Treille
  • Duration: 60 min


Le Dôme Théâtre à Albertville / Théâtre du Vellein Villefontaine / CCN de Ballet de Lorraine / Atelier de Paris CDCN / Cie Maguy Marin


Le Pacifique | CDCN Grenoble / RAMDAM, UN CENTRE D’ART+ with the support from CCN de Rillieux-la-Pape-Direction Yuval Pick for the studio loan.