Janet on the roof

"Janet on the roof" is a choreographic work created by Pierre Pontvianne for the performer Marthe Krummenacher.
With this solo performance, the choreographer offers a dance that is both moving and pictorial, where imperceptible changes of posture and intense energy shifts represent the minuscule and immense transformations our world endures.

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Marthe Krummenacher deploys an infinity of images, where all time and all space punctuate both the desire for change and the sense of an ending. She plunges the audience into a state of astonishment, performing a hypnotic dance.“The horizon is troubled, the present is tense, what appeared far away is already in front of us.”


  • Choreography: Pierre Pontvianne
  • Performance: Marthe Krummenacher
  • Light design: Valérie colas
  • Set design: Pierre Treille
  • Music: Pierre Pontvianne
  • Duration: 55 min


With the support of Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin - Centre Chorégraphique National Mulhouse. Accueil Studio : Centre chorégraphique national of Rillieux-la-Pape, direction Yuval PICK Le Pacifique l CDC-Grenoble


Espace le Corbusier / Firminy ADC Genève Ramdam, un centre d'art (pour la fabrication des décors)