Groupe LAPS is an artistic collective that brings together artists, designers, videographers and sound designers. They are based in Montreuil, Paris and are touring all around the world. By bringing together hardware tools, artistic and technical expertise, Groupe LAPS develops artistic projects - films, lights, installations and multimedia devices.

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Groupe LAPS' creations navigate between reality and fiction. Their installations are narrative elements which play with the perception of reality and temporal space.


Giant Spider

Giant spider is a light sculpture which comes alive at night and is formed by 70 small spiders. It builds the bridge between sculpture and animation film. Light programming creates a sensation of movement that is based on the principle of movement decomposition (chrono photography) and kinetics.



A nocturne plastic art installation designed for public spaces. Luminous characters invade the chosen sites. Designed according to the principle of decomposition of movement (chronophotography) and kinetics. The characters are arranged in precise positions in space to recreate stories during programmed lighting sequences.


Spider Circus

Spider Circus is an open-air unique and wacky circus, whose artists are spiders. Consisting of a multitud of bright spiders, a circus tent and a dolby surround sound system.. This 360° night installation is both a monumental light sculpture and a live performance.


The Froggs

The plastic art installation by Groupe LAPS, becomes alive through the interplay of an amazing light and sound installation. 7 musical keyframes(light puppets) - the band consisting of guitars, backing vocals, keyboard, drums, 3 horns, and bass. The installation can be adapted form the size of a garage band up to a big band.


Spider Game

SPIDER GAME is a playable interactive installation freely inspired by the video game Atari Tempest. Composed of 68 light spiders, arranged along a vertical spider web formed by several light tubes. This installation is both a monumental light sculpture and an interactive live performance which comes alive at night.