In A129 we work hand in hand with our international artists who are based in Spain (Catalonia/ Basque Country), France. Together we organize the assembly of national and international tours, diffusion strategy accompaniment in production and decisions of all kinds. We devise projects together and try to make our visions reality. We believe that together with the artists we can transmit their message in a conscious way, always bearing in mind that each action has a reaction and that the artistic process is constantly being renewed. That's why we work with dance and light because they both move with speed, precision, detail until they get as close as possible to perfection! We travel throughout the world frequently in order to promote our projects, and create new complicities amongst professionals.

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In Agente129 we have a triple expertise in distribution, artistic advisor and production. We have close relationships with artists, festival directors, theatres and the leading persons in this cultural world. We offer accompaniments A LA CARTE adjusted to the necessities according to the projects and for a defined time. Agente129 was founded by Pia Mazuela, who still is a great supporter and visionary influence, Iva Horvat of Art Republic and AnSó Raybaut-Pérès. They created the agency at the key moment of the cultural crisis in Spain. Change is natural and important, so each of the founders has regained her independence. A step that has not influenced the closeness between them which still gives the possibility for future collaborations. AnSó Raybaut-Pérès continues with Agente129 dedicating renewed energy, new visions and passion, support by Katarina Grbic.



AnSó Raybaut

French based in Barcelona since 2001, working in performing arts. Has a background in international distribution, coordination of european projects for festivals, world tours for companies, the stage manager, production and P.R (public relations) for short film festivals, theater, music and dance and big events. She began her carrier working in communication agencies and setting up events. She speaks French, English, Spanish and understand Portuguese.